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Pirates Online features an Item Mall that allows players to acquire items, supplies, and services for their characters. The Item Mall uses a form of virtual currency called Crystals,that can then be used to purchase virtual goods within the online game pirates online.

Purchases can be made using a variety of methods. After the purchase is made and the funds are cleared, the player's account will be credited and will be available for use in the Item Mall.

All purchases are non-refundable!

After your purchase

Sit back, relax, and wait up to 5 minutes for your Crystals to be delivered your account! In most cases they will already be rewared by the time you return to our website after completing your payment.

If you have not recieved your Crystals within 1 hour of completing your purchase, please create an order with your information. Include the transaction id and payment method for us to help you faster.

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Supporter Points

For every Crystal you buy you will recieve a Supporter Point. These points are a form of in game virtual currency used to buy special in game goods from Pirates Online Supporter Center Shop.

Battle Pass Experience Cards

You will recieve Battle Pass Experience Cards based on the amount of crystals you buy from Pirates Online website. This in game item is used to advance faster in your Battle Pass quests and unlock it's in game features.

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