So you finally found that special someone. It’s about time! Your grandma was starting to consider a matchmaker from the ‘old country’ as a healthy alternative. How do we know? Let’s just say word gets around. So you want to get hitched? It’s simple; just follow these steps.

Wedding preparation

Step 1

First of all, go find a rose or something else nice and take your lady to some romantic place in the world of ToP and propose her hoping that she will say yes =)

Then to make it official you need to buy Marriage package on item mall.

Step 2

Once u have bought it, contact LS and tell them the two account names that are going to marry and the following 3 items will be given to both fiances in delay of few days :

– Valentines Day ring

– Church Bid Card

– Faerie Treasure Chest

Step 3

After getting yourself dressed up with the clothes from Faerie treasure chest, take the hand of your lady and go to Argent 2186,2787 to see the Priest. There is no special time for this ceremony, can be done any time.

To register the wedding, you need to :

– wear full wedding set

– be in party with your beloved one

– have valentine ring in your inventories

– have 10M gold in both fiances inventories that will be charged as a wedding fee

Having fullfilled those conditions, both fiances have to choose “I want to register to marry” and “Confirm” it. This will give both of you a Wedding Ceritificate that allow you to marry in church later.

Step 4

BOOKING THE CHRUCH FOR WEDDING CEREMONY Either one of the fiances can go to book the church for wedding with Church Bidding Booklet in inventory at Shaitan 823, 3533 at Church Maiden Maylada

The possible times for wedding are following (really limited):

– Saturday 6:00 pm-8:00 pm EST (GMT-5) (Bidding time Monday 6:00 pm-6:30 pm EST (GMT-5))

– Saturday 8:10 pm-10:10 pm EST (GMT-5) (Bidding time Monday 6:40 pm-7:10 pm EST (GMT-5))

– Sunday: 6:00 pm-8:00 pm EST (GMT-5) (Bidding time Monday 7:20 pm-7:50 pm EST (GMT-5))

– Sunday: 8:10 pm-10:10 pm EST (GMT-5) (Bidding time Monday 8:00 pm-8:30 pm EST (GMT-5))

At the bidding time according to chosen church time one of the fiances have to place the bid (yes, another 1M gold going for there) The winner of the bidding gets Church Permission Booklet with the time of your wedding listed on it. Also 10 wedding invitations (with your wedding time marked on them) are given when opening Guest Treasure Chest. More invitation can be always bought with the Church Permission Booklet (50k for 10 invitations) from the Church Maiden Maylada.

Step 5


The time from Monday to Saturday or Sunday passes fast with finding bridesmades, grooms and a priest to hold the ceremony among your friends, giving out invitations and setting the last details of the ceremony.

At your chosen Wedding time, click on Wedding Invitation to teleport into Church (note : if it tells you its not the right time yet and you are sure that it is the right time, then keep doubleclicking on it till it teleports you)

At the Church door enter with your guests into church and may the feast begin.

The way to make your wedding is totally up to you – can either be just a 3 word ceremony or a longlasting speach. Once the “nice” part of the wedding is done, both fiances have to step to the Magical Chiatan with fullfilling following conditions

– wear full wedding set

– be in party with your beloved one

– have valentine ring in your inventories

– have mariage certificate in your inventories

With all this conditions done either one of the fiances can tell Magical Chiatan to start the celebritions and confirm it. This will throw the announcement of your wedding on system and bind your Valentines Rings for the use of Loveline skill.

Step 6


Loveline skill teleports you to your beloved one when used as any other skill. For using the skill you need:

– to be in party with your beloved one

– be on the same map with your beloved one

You dont need to:

– have full hp or sp for using this skill

This ability can only be used in Argent City, Shaitan City, Icicle City, the Demonic World and the Sacred War Map. It doesn’t work in Abbadon and Winter Islands.